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The RobbMc starter I purchased for my 455 Olds 442 Top ET car has worked great all season. I also purchased the nose support. I really like the infinite position clocking. My old IMI starter had multiple positions but only one worked. Your starter spins the motor over quicker and makes for quicker startups. Thanks again for a great product.

—Fran Pepi

The RobbMc PowerSurge Fuel System is like a miniature racing fuel system. With 4 gallons fuel in tank, engine pulled strong all the way up. Pulled better than ever up top, ran on out to 1/2 mile & no problems what so ever. I set it to 6.5 psi cold, it levels out to 6 psi at idle hot, cruise all around, under WOT it drops to 5.5 & holds all the way for 1/2 mile at full throttle (faster than I care to push my luck). I'm very pleased with the performance of this unit.


I installed your 1/2" sending unit in my 69 Camaro today. The fit, finish, and functionality are great. I had a lame repro 3/8" sending unit that was registering incorrectly and that was modified. Your unit reads correctly and saved me $700 since I was going to purchase a stainless steel tank for my return style fuel system. The best part is I can upgrade to #8 when I do finally make more power. Cool product - thanks!

—Nick Visciani

Had a problem with the fuel pressure dropping at full throttle. It used to drop from 6.5 to 3.5. Put a vented gas cap on and moved the pump closer to the outlet on the sumped tank. This helped a bit, but still dropped to 4.5 psi. Replaced the Mallory regulator that came with the 140 pump with a RobbMc regulator, now it only drops .5 psi.

—461-69bird, PY Forum

Now that is what I call customer service. These guys actually answer and talk on the phone like they want your business! Ordered a fuel pump from them last week and it was a great buying experience, all my noob questions were answered, and they were a huge help. The pump just arrived and I have to say, that is one heavy duty fuel pump! Put it beside my old stock one and just started laughing! Thanks all you guys at RobbMC for your help and your awesome product! Would recommend these guys to anyone, thanks to you guys that recommended them to me!

—firecapt321, AMC Forum

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