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An easy-to-install electric fuel system for carburetors and fuel injection.

New Products

PowerSurge High Performance Fuel System

Fuel Pumps

AMC 1100HP
Buick 550HP
Buick 1100HP
Cadillac 550HP
Cadillac 1100HP
Chevy SB 550HP
Chevy SB 1100HP
Chevy BB 550HP
Chevy BB 1100HP
Ford 351C 550HP
Ford 351C 1100HP
Olds 550HP
Olds 1100HP
Pontiac 550HP
Pontiac 1100HP

Fuel Sending Units

1968-70 AMC AMX/Javelin
1966-71 Ford Fairlane/Torino
1964-68 Ford Mustang
1969 Ford Mustang
1970 Ford Mustang
1968-1974 Corvette
1962-67 Nova
1964-67 GM A-Body
1968-72 GM A-Body
1965-66 GM B-Body
1973-78 GM B-Body
1967-69 GM F-Body
1970-73 GM F-Body
1974-81 GM F-Body
1968-72 GM X-Body
1973-79 GM X-Body
1978-88 GM G-Body
1973-77 GM A-Body
1963-76 Mopar A-body
1972-79 Ford Falcon
1978-87 El Camino

Fuel Regulators

Dead Head
Dual Mode


Ford PN 3001
Ford PN 3002
Ford PN 3008
Ford PN 3026
Ford Mod Motor
Hemi 4speed
Early Olds V8

Thermostat Housings


Other Products

Alignment Dowels
Fuel Filters
Special Orders

Fuel Pumps

NASCAR style six valve high volume mechanical fuel pumps. Available for AMC, Buick BB, Cadillac 425-500, SB/BB Chevy, Ford 351C, Olds and Pontiac V8 engines. (See links to the right to find a pump for your engine)

Fuel Pickups - 1/2" Sending Units

Drop-in replacement for factory 5/16" or 3/8" sending units. (See links to the right to find a sending unit for your car)

New! Dual Mode Regulator


RobbMc Fuel Pressure Regulators can be used as dead-head or bypass with a simple plunger change. (See links below and to the right for regulators)

RobbMc Mini-starters


One of the smallest, lightest and most powerful mini-starters in the automotive aftermarket. Designed and manufactured in the USA with a unique feature allowing the solenoid to be rotated to any position. (See links below and to the right to find a starter for your engine)

RobbMc Mini-starters

Thermostat Housings

Billet aluminum construction, one inch thick flange eliminates warping, neck rotates to any angle, 1/2" NPT bypass port. Fasteners, o–rings, gasket, and bypass fitting included.

RobbMc Bellhousing Alignment Dowels

Bellhousing Alignment Dowels

Available for GM, Ford, and Mopar applications.

RobbMc Prefilters

Fuel Filters

Designed for use as high flow, low restriction fuel filters for mechanical and electrical fuel pumps. Can also be used to filter fuel before it enters the carb. Anodized filters resist all fuels. NPT ports accept easy to find, low cost fittings.


Robbmc Fittings are made from steel rather than aluminum for added durability and lower cost. Unlike aluminum fittings, steel fittings will not gall when installed in aluminum parts.

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