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Dead Head Fuel Pressure Regulator – PN 1050

RobbMc Dead-Head Regulator


  • For use with electric or mechanical fuel pumps
  • Dead–head (non–return) style regulator does not require a return line from the regulator
  • Large (.375" diameter) internal orifice reduces flow restriction
  • 50% less pressure drop at full throttle than other popular regulators of similar size
  • Anodized housing and stainless steel plunger for corrosion resistance
  • Special diaphragm allows use of gasoline and/or alcohol
  • Boost/vacuum reference for supercharged/turbo applications
  • Adjusts from 3 to 10 psi
  • O–ringed plunger eliminates pressure creep
  • Small in size yet works with pumps up to 300 gph
  • Optional mounting bracket attaches to regulator in eight possible positions
  • Three 3/8 NPT outlet ports, one 1/2 NPT inlet port plus one 1/8 NPT gauge port
  • Easily convert from dead-head to bypass with optional conversion kit (PN 1052)

PN 1048   1/2 NPT to –8AN Fitting

For use when connecting regulator to RobbMc 1100HP mechanical fuel pump.


PN 1049   Optional Mounting Bracket

In many cases a bracket is not required as the regulator can be suspended in the lines. However, when a bracket is desired, this one offers a multitude of mounting options because it can be attached to the regulator in eight different positions!


PN 1052    Dead–Head to Bypass Conversion Kit

Converts RobbMc Dead–Head Regulator (PN 1050) to a bypass (return) style regulator.


PN 1095    Regulator Rebuild Kit

Includes diaphragm, sealing washer and o–ring.


Another first from RobbMc Performance! And, as always, Made in the USA!

Regulator Installation Instructions
Regulator Bracket Instructions

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